New York Virtuoso Singers

The New York Virtuoso Singers

Harold Rosenbaum-Conductor

"The city’s outstanding concert choir..." — The New York Times

2023 Season


All 186 choral cantatas in two seasons
Season #2: 2022-2023

While many of Bach’s contemporaries actively engaged in writing cantatas, Telemann being the most well-known, Bach used this genre to create some of his most experimental works. He frequently employed musical ideas to illuminate, deepen, and sometimes contradict the message of the text. In Bach's hands, the cantata evolved from a work of devotion to that of a penetrating psychological exploration of religious art. The composer lays bare and dissects every emotion, vividly bringing them to life through music. These include the painful paradoxes of the human condition, the desire of good but falling into temptation, fear, and the effects of sin itself. Bach puts into service every musical device available during the eighteenth century, and he forges new ones to startle his listeners into engagement with the subject. Through their complexity, ambition, and harmonic daring, the greatest among Bach's cantatas have no rival among Baroque composers, despite their likely having puzzled his first listeners, as they might puzzle us today. Bach's music poignantly represents the human condition and offers listeners a glimpse into humanity's relationship with God and eternity. -- Dr. Vincent Rone

Location: Merkin Hall, Kaufman Music Center, 129 West 67th Street, NYC
Tickets: $30 for one concert, $147 for a 7-concert subscription

Tickets can be purchased on line or at the box office.

The Unadorned Bach
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All concerts begin at 7:30 PM
Concert #1
September 17: Cantatas #107-119
Will Healy, piano
Concert #2
October 22: Cantatas #120-133
Miles Fellenberg, piano
Concert #3 November 19: Cantatas #134-146
Eduardo de la Vega, piano
Concert #4
February 25: Cantatas #148-177
Will Healy, piano
Concert #5
March 25: Cantatas #178-188
Miles Fellenberg, piano
Concert #6
April 15: Cantatas #191-198
Will Healy, piano
Concert #7
April 29: Cantatas #205-215
David Enlow, piano

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Proof of a COVID vaccination will no longer be required. Mask wearing is recommended but optional.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation this season as we return safely to the joy of live music!