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The New York Virtuoso Singers

Harold Rosenbaum-Conductor

"The city’s outstanding concert choir..." — The New York Times

Harold Rosenbaum-Author

Dr. Harold Rosenbaum is the author of the critically acclaimed A Practical Guide to Choral Conducting which was published by Routledge. He is also the founder/conductor of the all-professional New York Virtuoso Singers ( and the all-volunteer Canticum Novum Singers (

He has conducted over 1,800 concerts and 575 world premieres (plus dozens of American and New York premieres) and has commissioned 120 composers and counting. Retired from teaching at The Juilliard School, Queens College, The University at Buffalo (Professor Emeritus), and Adelphi University, he has edited for G. Schirmer (The Harold Rosenbaum Choral Series and for Peermusic Classical) The New Voices Series.

He is a recipient of the Ditson Conductor’s Award ( established in 1945; the only other choral conductors to have received this award are Robert Shaw and Gregg Smith. He is also a recipient of the American Composer Alliance Laurel Leaf Award, ASCAP's Victor Herbert Award, the ASCAP/Chorus American Award for Adventuresome Programming of Contemporary Music (four times).

Over the course of his lengthy career, Dr. Rosenbaum has received unpublished choral scores from approximately 12,500 composers. He has lectured to, and worked with, composers for many years at the ASCAP headquarters in New York City, the American Music Center, at universities throughout the country, winners of his many choral composition competitions, and while mentoring the 60 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Award and BMI Young Composer Award recipients, all whom he commissioned. He is the founder of the Harold Rosenbaum Choral Conducting Institute.

My Choral Journey

Conductor Harold Rosenbaum

Harold Rosenbaum’s intense love of music, especially choral music, has upraised and borne him through a remarkable lifelong journey. Armed with this tunnel vision, Rosenbaum has been able to pierce through numerous obstacles, including one deeply profound tragedy, leaving him more resolved than ever to uplift, and perhaps even transform, the lives of those for whom music is one of life’s basic necessities. He believes that, as a choral conductor, he’s been able to balance his career and family life successfully, through their unending love and support.

Rosenbaum also gives you a rare behind-the-scenes guide to a large chunk of the New York choral scene, in which he’s been active over the last fifty years. Rosenbaum writes from the heart, and his story is compelling and inspiring. Prepare to laugh and perhaps shed a few tears in this unforgettable memoir.

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Conductor Harold Rosenbaum

Dr. Harold Rosenbaum is an internationally renowned choral conductor with a career spanning five decades. He has commissioned 121 composers (and counting) and has conducted close to 600 world premieres. This book is geared toward steering composers as they prepare to write for choirs or already have works in progress. The goal is to provide them with confidence that every aspect of their scores will be easy for singers to understand and navigate, and to make them attractive, intelligible, and enticing for interested conductors.

Practical advice regarding interacting with conductors and singers is also presented. An anthology of twenty-five works with the author's interpretive markings and performance suggestions offers further insights and guiding principles to assist composers as they prepare their scores.

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A Practical Guide To Choral Conducting

Conductor Harold Rosenbaum

Rooted in the experience of a professional choral conductor, this book provides a guide to practical issues facing conductors of choral ensembles at all levels, from youth choruses to university ensembles, church and community choirs, and professional vocal groups. Paired with the discussion of practical challenges is a discussion of over fifty key works from the choral literature, with performance suggestions to aid the choral conductor in directing each piece.

Dealing with often-overlooked yet vital considerations such as how to work with composers, recording, concert halls, and choral tours, A Practical Guide to Choral Conducting offers a valuable resource for both emerging choral conductors and students of choral conducting at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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